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The Advanced Industries Collaborative Infrastructure Grant helps teams of Colorado-based advanced industries technology businesses and nonprofits develop new large-scale projects. Projects need to cover gaps in the advanced industries and identify a matching fund of 2-to-1 non-State funding to State funding.

How do I Qualify?

To be eligible, you need to:

  • work with several industry partners including a nonprofit organization
  • manufacture an advanced technology and influence one or more of Colorado’s advanced industries (see below)
  • be registered with the Colorado Secretary of State and in Good Standing
  • have headquarters in Colorado or have at least 50% of your employees based in Colorado
  • focus on your project’s new capital costs and identify a funding ratio of 2-to-1 non-State funding to State funding (For example, if you request a grant of $50,000, you need to identify $100,000 in cash from other sources.)
  • identify funding beyond this grant for your project’s current and future operational costs

This grant is not for:

  • existing programs
  • operational costs

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