Amazon’s Black Business Accelerator


Dedicated to helping build sustainable equity and growth for Black entrepreneurs by enabling their success as sellers. Grow your business with access to financial support, strategic business guidance and mentorship, and marketing and promotional support.  (Note – I have heard that some students who have applied have not heard back from Amazon in a timely manner and have not been able to get much help with their application status)

What financial assistance resources are available?

  • A $500 credit for newly-registered Amazon Professional sellers (newly-registered sellers are those who became an Amazon Professional seller in the 12 months preceding enrollment in the Black Business Accelerator).
  • Sponsored Black-owned business certification through SupplierGATEWAY. To receive an Amazon-sponsored certificate, use the SupplierGATEWAY link provided in the email that your account manager will send you. This link will have your referral code. Additionally, you must indicate that your business is Black-owned. Amazon’s Black Business Accelerator is only sponsoring certification for Black-owned businesses at this time.



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