Getting funding should not be complicated!

HELLO MS.CEO is an ecosystem that provides a digital growth accelerator platform for early stage, under-invested women founders to help support your business journey. As a member you can access barrier-free funding opportunities, business credit fundamentals, mentorship, connections, resources and much more

HELLO MS.CEO was created to help women achieve their dreams. We are deeply committed to helping women like you, to take advantage of capital resources and knowledge when it comes to securing funding to start or grow your early stage business. We Raise Our Own Capital with our PAY IT FORWARD funding business model, we also partner with Financial Institutions, Corporations, and Investors to help get YOU Funded. We make investing in women easy & accessible to everyone. 

Every Quarter we will award one or several early stage woman-owned founders the HELLO MS. CEO EMPOWERMENT GRANT. The grant award amount and rules of the grant contest are always announced prior to open application enrollments.

YES, you really can get a small business grant with us here at HELLO MS. CEO, LLC if selected as the winning recipient.

That’s a great question, though- and it’s one you should ask yourself when applying for any grant funding opportunity. After all, if you decide to pursue The HELLO MS.CEO EMPOWERMENT GRANT Contest/Program, your application will take some time and energy to complete. There are a lot of women-owned businesses that are applying to all of our funding opportunities so we would recommend you putting your best effort to make sure your company stands out amongst the rest. You’ll commit a few dollars to cover our application, operations and processing fee. And you’ll do so with the undeniable reality that many internet scams do exist. We completely understand all of your concerns. Our company was created by women for women and we know that the struggle is real when trying to secure the capital needed to start &/ grow your early stage business. We have a strict no-nonsense policy that we are committed to standing by and we are very transparent when it comes to our business integrity. Just like you we started at ground zero trying to obtain funding to scale our business. We would never jeopardize our organizations core values, hard work and reputation. This is where we’d like to address those questions or concerns. Below,  you’ll  learn about who we are, how the Grant Contest/ Program works and much more.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us. We pride ourselves on always putting a strong emphasis on providing excellent customer service and complete transparency

THE HELLO MS. CEO EMPOWERMENT GRANT CONTEST/ PROGRAM is exclusive to early stage women-owned businesses. To be eligible, applicants must identify as female, be US residents, and be 18 years or older by the close of the submission window.

HELLO MS. CEO EMPOWERMENT, INC. only awards grants to individuals; Unfortunately, we cannot fund companies or organizations. We can award the grant to an individual representing a business, but we do not give the grant to a business as an entity.

A selection committee of various successful experienced entrepreneurs who align with the vision and goals of HELLO MS. CEO are hand selected to review all applications submitted within the grant contest period. The committee will judge each project based on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrates creativity and innovation
  • Demonstrates financial need
  • Demonstrates business acumen & planning (Achievable Plan & Clear Budget)
  • Demonstrates

We strive to make our application process as easy as possible, however, the goal is to help early stage women-owned businesses in the idealization process to start and grow successful empires. This is why we need to make sure that the awarded funds will be allocated in accordance to your financial plan for your company.



Getting funding for your early-stage business has never been easier and should not be complicated. Your very low entry application, operations and processing fee makes servicing of the grants possible. We also have a pay if forward model for your business and the charity we select. It’s an investment, but it pays off whether you are awarded the grant funds or not.

We reinvest 10% of our revenue back into our PAY-IT-FORWARD small business funding to power the HELLO MS. CEO EMPOWERMENT GRANTS, our non-profit. Part of our revenue share goes into supporting the grants and the other part goes towards our non-profit.

No, we do not automatically enroll your application into the next GRANT or FUNDING opportunity with HELLO MS. CEO EMPOWERMENT, INC.

Please refer to the GRANT or FUNDING program guidelines in which you are interested and submit all required information during the open enrollment period to be considered.

Absolutely, applicants are welcomed to apply for any GRANT & FUNDING opportunities that we offer here at HELLO MS. CEO.

Shortly after submitting your online application, you will receive a confirmation email. The selection committee will review your application to  ensure that you are a qualified candidate for the GRANT &/ FUNDING opportunity in which you have applied. Every application submitted is thoroughly reviewed by our selection committee of successful entrepreneurs who will be tasked with the challenge of narrowing down the best candidates for each GRANT &/ FUNDING opportunities with HELLO MS. CEO EMPOWERMENT, INC.

Great question, here at HELLO MS. CEO, We Raise Our Own Capital with our PAY IT FORWARD funding business model, we also partner with Financial Institutions, Corporations, and Investors to help get YOU Funded. Our small business GRANTS can range anywhere from $500-$10k+ depending on the Partnership and Program. Please refer to the GRANT program of interest for specific details on funding amounts, rules and qualifications.

Getting funding for your business should not be complicated. This is why our Mission here at HELLO MS. CEO EMPOWERMENT, INC is to empower early stage-women led founders to achieve their full economic potential

Yes & No…..This all depends on what type of business funding you’re trying to qualify for. If you are looking for grant funds then NO you do not need a credit score. If you are applying for business credit, this would depend on your fundability. If you are looking for business lines of credit and loans, some programs may require your business credit score.


Here at HELLO MS.CEO, We teach you how to build business credit without using your personal credit & only using your EIN number.

Great question. Our goal is to help get you funded ASAP but the reality is that question will depend on which funding opportunity you are applying for. When it comes to the HELLO MS.CEO IMPACT GRANT FUNDS, Please refer to the GRANT program of interest for specific details on funding amounts, rules, qualifications, entry deadlines, and recipients announcements.

Yes, Getting business funding should not be complicated. You just need the right guidance to the vendors & non conventional funding institutions that support under-invested early-stage entrepreneurs and we are here to be your guide.

No, they are about the same if not lower at times then consumer funding rates. Being able to leverage both personal & business credit will be a BIG GAME CHANGER for your business.

Grant funds do not have to be paid back. Business credit, lines of credit and loans will always need to be paid back and payments are due according to the credit lenders request.

Pro Tip- always pay business funding back earlier than requested.

Depends on the type of funding requested and the program that you are applying for.

We have helped so many women-owned founders in various industries to obtain business funding. Many of our clients have received up to $80k+ in capital and they were less than a year in business.

Great question, you will qualify for most funding as a new business owner. You just need to know where to apply and how.

Yes, there are grants you may qualify for but you would need to apply. We offer our HELLO MS.CEO EMPOWERMENT GRANTS which are being offered every quarter. Be sure to join our email list to be notified of all upcoming grants opportunities.